Since its inception, Winner's Gaming, Inc. has built its slot route into one of the largest and most profitable gaming machine routes in Nevada. WGI's operation is primarily in Northern Nevada with the concentration of most of its business in Reno, Sparks, and Carson City. We currently employ 41 people, and as of December 2003 operated over 600 gaming machines at 68 locations in Northern Nevada.
Winner's Gaming, Inc. enters into long-term contracts with owners of business establishments to install gaming machines at the location of their businesses. The majority of these contracts are space leases, whereby, WGI pays the business owner a monthly rent for each gaming machine placed in service. WGI also have contracts which provide for revenue sharing with the licensed business owner based on a percentage of the location's net revenues generated by the gaming machines.

Winner's Gaming, Inc., has a satellite office located in Winnemucca, which enables WGI to provide service to all of our most Northern Nevada locations in Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, Elko, and Ely.